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Quiz Chapters 5-7 Essay

In chiaroscuro, the highlight is directly next to the
What material does Dan Flavin use to make art?
What effect does the atmosphere have on objects placed farther away from the viewer?
They appear less distinct
What defines the relative deepness of a shadow using hatching?
the density of the lines
What is the effect of using greater contrast between light and dark?
The dramatic impact is greater
What kind of light results when the total spectrum of refracted light is recombined?
What purpose does simultaneous contrast serve?
It makes colors appear more intense
The range of colors that an artist chooses to use in a work is referred to as
What technique did George Seurat use instead of mixing colors on the palette or canvas?
Artists working with either analogous or complementary color schemes are using
a restricted palette
The Impressionists preferred plein-air painting because it allowed them to experiment with
perceptual color
What color is often considered by artists, including Wassily Kandinsky to be a symbol of divinity?
What medium does Katharina Grosse use in her installation Cincy?
luminescent spray paint
Vincent van Gogh uses the complementary colors red and green in the painting The Night Cafe to create
visual tension
Pierre Bonnard chose to paint with colors that are not “true” and are
Who was the first artist to work with fluorescent light?
Dan Flavin
In Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna on the Rocks, the mountains in the background are an example of
atmospheric perspective
What kind of color scheme did Artemisia Gentileschi use in Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes?
In Figure of a Woman, Paul Colin uses
Which of the following colors is considered a tint?
What is similar in Shirn Neshat’s Fervor and Michaelangelo’s Head of a Satyr?
They both employ contrast
What “temperature” is associated with the color blue-green?
In which of these pairs are the colors analogous? (next to each other on color wheel)
blue-violet and blue
The restoration of Michaelangelo’s paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has revealed that the
color was more saturated
The cool colors in Romare Bearden’s She-ba provide
What kind of color is being used if apples are being painted red?
What does the color blue represent in Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna on the Rocks?
Which of the following artists depends on optical color mixing to construct representational images composed of abstract squares
Chuck Close
What kind of colors are red, yellow, and blue?
In Rain, Steam, and Speed-The Great Western Railway, J.M.W. Turner employs
aerial perspective
How does Maneul Teri create rough texture in the sculpture from the Mujer Pegada Series?
He adds paint
One of the primary tools of the photographer is the
visual texture
What is involved in the technique known as frottage?
a sheet of paper is placed over textured materials, then a pencil or crayon is rubbed across the paper
What quality of marble led Michaelangelo to choose it as his medium for Pieta?
Its ability to mimic flesh
William A. Garnett’s stunning aerial view of strip farms stretching across an eroding landscape is a study of
visual texture
Which formal element contributes most to the viewer’s awareness of the passage of time?
Jackson Pollock’s “drip” paintings are also called
action paintings
What type of art manipulates the viewer’s perception to create the sensation of movement in a static image?
Op art
What effect do video artists Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler create by incorporating “long photographs” and sound?
Space is extended beyond the frame
Artists have increasingly turned to photography and video as ways of incorporating what element?
Texture referes to
surface quality of a work
Which of these artists produced many pieces of kinetic art?
Alexander Calder
Which allows the viewer to understand a larger sequence of events from a single image?
implied motion
What was the inspiration for Grace Ndritu’s Still Life: While Textiles?
an exhibition of work by Henri Matisse
How are time and motion treated similarly in Claude Monet’s Water Lillies, Morning: Willows and Jackson Pollock’s No. 32, 1950?
Both compositions force the viewer’s eye to keep moving
Bridget Riley’s Drift No. 2 is an example of
Op art
What did Alexander Calder employ to create movement in Untitled (1976)?
air currents
How are Phillip K. Smith III’s Lucid Stead and Alexander Calter’s Untitled similar?
They both rely on actual movement
What formal qualities do William A. Garnett’s Erosion and Strip Farms East Slope of the Tehachapi Mountains and Michaelangelo’s’ Pieta have in common?
They both highlight areas of light and dark
What is similar between Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler’s Detached Building and Isidro’s Escamilla’s Virgin of the Guadalupe?
They are both narratives
How does Manuel Neri’s Mujer Pegada Series No. 2 differ from Max Ernst’s The Horde?
Neri’s work has actual texture
Why does Phillip K. Smith III add mirrors and lights to an old shack in Lucid Stead?
to heighten the viewer’s awareness of the pace of change within the desert
Why does Gianlorenzo Berini imply movement in his figure of David?
to energize the narrative
According to Grace Ndritu, Henri Matisse creates a hallucinogenic quality by
overlapping patterns
Why did Jackson Pollock place his canvas on the floor?
He wanted to be able to walk all around it and work from all four sides
The design of the Taj Mahal uses which of the following to express distribution of visual weight?
symmetrical balance
A composition can be asymmetrically balanced by placing
two small areas the same distance from the fulcrum as one large area
What does Childe Hassam use to balance the asymmetrical composition in Boston Common at Twilight?
light and dark
Villa La Rotonda is sited on the crest of a hill to
emphasize the radial views
The symmetrical balance in Frida Kahlo’s double self-portrait, Las Dos Fridas (The Two Fridas) was inspired by
An artist would be most likely to use an afocal composition to
encourage the viewer to look at all areas of the work
Anna Vallayer emphasizes the focal point in Still Life with Lobster through
strong color contrast
How does the artist use the medium of Room No. 2 to deny the viewer a vocal point?
The mirror fragments the viewer’s body
Which painting by Diego Velasquez is known for having competing points of emphasis?
Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor)
The focal point in a radially balanced composition is at the
How does an artist use scale to help the viewer measure visually the space in a scene?
Objects meant to appear in the distance are scaled down to help the viewer measure visually the space in a scene
Doryphoros most thoroughly embodies the principles of Polyclitus’s canon in the
proportion of the body parts to the whole
The concept of mathematical harmony was most directly incorporated in the Parthenon in the use of
What refers to the relationship between the parts of an object and the whole?
Hokusai creates drama in The Great Wave off Kanagawa by manipulating
the scale of Mount Fuji
What do kente cloths symbolize among the Ewe and Asante societies of Ghana?
The key function of repetition in art is to
create visual rhythm
Which design principle does Laylah Ali emphasize in her Untitled painting from the Greenheads series?
Pattern is achieved when an artist
repeats a formal element such as a line, shape, or color throughout a composition
The animal style is most likely to be used in
illuminated manuscripts
Architect Robert Venturi’s writings on Las Vegas imply the principle of
Postmodernism stresses the theme of
Louise Lawler includes a Pollock painting in her photograph Pollock and Tureen to provide
What design element does Jacob Lawrence use to unify the painting Barber Shop?
What aspect of Elizabeth Murray’s Just in Time contributes to the sense of stylistic coherence?
Rounded lines runs throughout the piece
The primary meaning of design in art is to
structure a work into a coherent whole
What element of design contributes to the religious content of Enguerrand Quarton’s Coronation of the Virgin, showing a unified theological universe?
symmetrical balance
What must be considered to achieve balance in sculpture and architecture?
actual weight
Where does Frieda Kahlo introduce variety in her symmetrical composition Las Dos Fridas (The Two Fridas)?
her clothes
What is Diego Velasquez suggesting about our role as the viewer in Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor)?
that we are a focal point
Emphasis is created in both Georges de La Tour’s Joseph the Carpenter and Artemesia Gentileschi’s Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes by using
Kara Walker’s A Sublety maniupulates which design principle for expressive effect?
The artist of Doryphoros (The Spear Bearer) and The Vitruvian Man both were concerned with
An analysis of scale in Do-Ho Suh’s Public Figures would most be most likely to address
the overall dimensions of the sculpture
Decorative patten is commonly associated with
utilitarian objects
Frank Ghery and Vlado Milunic’s Raisin Building in Prague employs
What combination of design principles is used in the cross page from the Lindisfarne Gospels?
pattern, symmetrical balance, and variety
What does Auguste Rodin’s The Three Shades suggest about repetition?
Identical images can provide variety
Which of the following elements reflects the postmodern attitude of Elizabeth Murray’s Just in Time?
the tension between the two panels
What shows a sense of unity in Claude Monet’s The Railroad Bridge?
repetitive brushstrokes

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Quiz Chapters 5-7 Essay
In chiaroscuro, the highlight is directly next to the
What material does Dan Flavin use to make art?
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